Wonder Woman the Movie

… or: putting together the brilliance of Superman for the athmosphere and a bit of Downton Abbey for the setting and the humor, mixing it with a squeak with pleasure of mine spotting a tiny Harry Potter connotation and an impression of Lord of the Rings as the icing on the cake …

to make a movie I want to equally love and hate but – and I am so sorry – can only love!

After my second post on Wonder Woman I got an reply on twitter asking if I didn’t make a mistake writing the Wonder Woman story is set in the World War II since the movie would play in World War I. That was when I first realized they must have changed a bit …

after 10 minutes sitting in the cinema I thought: Well I suppose, if you chance absolutely everything, you can as equally change the World War. (And in their logic they even had to – because if Ares comes back in „the Great War“ I has to be this one and not the second 😉 )

And that’s when I started to like the movie! Later on the friends I went to the cinema with ask me what I thought about it and my answer was: a 10 as a DC Movie, but a 6 as a „feminist movie“. Why is that?

Finally the DC Cinematic Universe built up an interrelated set of movies. Starting the story right after „Batman vs. Superman“ ends and concluding with that story at the end was just such a sneaky fanservice I could nothing but love! Funny the only movie advertisement before was „Justice League“ though 😀

Also – the aesthetics! I can’t describe it, but this is the reason I like superhero movies that much! And this Wonder Woman movie just looked like Superman movie (remember the atmosphere I was talking about? 😉 ) So even when a friend complained about Wonder Woman (again as a woman) doesn’t get dirty or injured in the face, I argued that – just like Superman – Wonder Woman is not a human and therefore – just like Superman – she doesn’t have to get dirty like humans do! (Even I am aghast by this kind of argument 😀 but that’s what a fangirl’s world looks like…)



Ok yes, maybe the amazons could have get dirty whilst fighting… but at least this warrior has a well-mascled body as is not as thin as Diana…

But even I could not overlook three logical errors:

1. The language

Since there are other languages then English spoken (people in the background, the „battle scene“ in the pub…) why t.h. do the Germans speak English? Well yes, they have to, because otherwise the story wouldn’t work – but this is just not logical at all!

2. The colors of her armour


As you can see here, Diana gets her outfit by her mother „to wear in America“. OK, maybe the British colors are not that different from the American – but why is an ancient armour painted like this at all? 😀

3. The God Killer

If it needs a God to kill a God – why couldn’t she do it with the sword?

Either she needed to use her divine powers or had to advance before she could kill him – anyway: something was wrong at the time she used the sword: she or the movie script 😉


As I already started talking about her outfits: yes, there is a big problem with female armors!

Some thing funny: if male superheroes had their suits designed the same way as female superheroes this is what the batsuit would look like

But lucky us a friend of mine will write something about this in a while – which is why I can focus at the shopping scene that was hilarious! No I am not at all upset about how women and their clothes are presented in that movie – it goes along with the time it plays in (here is where my Downton Abbey appears) ❤


Since we already started talking about all (*haha*) the other women in the Movie …


However funny this scene was … why do all the other woman apart from the main character either have to be funny when they don’t fit into the preferred looking or have to be malformed when they play the evil part? All right! No beautiful woman can be mean!  (Yes it is not so different in male superhero movies or others … but why should this problem be adopted?)


But even if there is still a long way to go they did some things right:

Apart from the “ Born Sex Yesterday“ flaws Diana does not listen to everything Steve tells her to do… and especially these decisions turn out to be the best ones!

Also Diana knows how to take care of herself – unlike Steve, what his comrades don’t miss to emphasize again and again 😉

I have to talk about one more issue since many others have complained about the relationship between Steve and Diana (especially that she couldn’t get to her full potential without him dying).

  1. Every superhero(ine) has a love interest that is crucial to the story!
  2. And even if? What is the problem about that? It is not that Diana needs a man to fulfill her purpose, but to feel love and therefore recognize the greatest thing about humans!

(But I suppose DC didn’t think the world was ready enough for all the actual bisexual love scenes in Wonder Woman 😉 )

I would love to talk more about my favorite scenes and the most funny ones but since you all made it till here (thanks for that 😉 ) I don’t want to babble any longer and just thank the movie for at least showing (my) real Wonder Woman in two aspects:

  1. Her greatest superpower is love
  2. They didn’t miss the bondage (and the sexual flavor that was planned to come along with it)!


So all in all: Thanks to DC for eventually making such a great superhero(ine) movie! (After failing too many times…)

And just because it is funny and I can’t withheld it:




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