Settling in

Dear readers, this is my 5th day in Sri Lanka and time really flies – even if I do not have much to do. After my one day quarantine I got my test results on Wednesday morning and was allowed to leave the hotel – imagine if that would have been positive! Already on that„Settling in“ weiterlesen

Travels, Pandemic, First Day

Dear readers, I cannot believe it – I made it to Sri Lanka! After being stressed out for a couple of days because of my fear of flying, the national emergency proclaimed on Thursday, and the continued lockdown, the journey went surprisingly well and I am currently waiting in the quarantine hotel for the results„Travels, Pandemic, First Day“ weiterlesen

Fieldwork during a pandemic – preparations

Dear readers, dear fellow researchers and all those interested, two weeks ago I have asked on twitter whether you would be interested in an online ethnographic diary – and since many liked the post and some even told me that they were looking forward to it, I have decided to actually do it. So from„Fieldwork during a pandemic – preparations“ weiterlesen

What’s this new thing? A gallery!

If you keep up to date with this blog (I don’t expect you did in the last months, but now there actually is a reason to again!) you will have seen, that it has a totally new look. And a new page: The Gallery Since I deleted my big instagram page at the end of„What’s this new thing? A gallery!“ weiterlesen

Damen- und Herrenräder und die Sache mit dem Labelling

Mein Fahrrad hat sich noch nie so sehr wie ein „Damen-Stadt-Rad“ angefühlt wie diese Woche… da es zwei Wochen lang kaputt war (ok ich hätte es vielleicht nicht erst nach zwei Wochen in die Werkstatt bringen können aber sei’s drum 😉 ) hatte ich das Mountainbike eines Bekannten so lange ausgeliehen. Und es war (natürlich,„Damen- und Herrenräder und die Sache mit dem Labelling“ weiterlesen