What’s this new thing? A gallery!

If you keep up to date with this blog (I don’t expect you did in the last months, but now there actually is a reason to again!) you will have seen, that it has a totally new look.

And a new page: The Gallery

Since I deleted my big instagram page at the end of last year (see: This was it – 2017. Oder: eine Selbstkritik), I noticed: I actually cannot do without Instagram. I cannot make photographs, a thing I have to do, since I cannot let my camera lie in the corner of my room, without posting them and sharing them!

And, as usual with instagram, there is always this tiny narcissistic bit in myself to get a high amount of followers and likes and comments…

So, ups, I did it again!

and totally forgot about how f****** annoying instagram is! But, also like so often, one cannot let go of what oneself is annoyed to much.  (also a little bit masochistic here 😉 )

However, this is the reason why I now bother you with my pictures: on my new gallery page!

Please: enjoy 🙂


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